Friday, March 22, 2013


This is our main school's March ALT poster. This month's features, like the art, had to be a little lighter to meet deadline while still allowing time to make full-page art.  But as always, I wheel out that Conan quote I love so much.

The pencil process is here. I don't have any close ups on the poster's doodads, but you can also see a Rillakuma if you look hard enough.

The art concept was two kids at a crossroads for graduation, influenced by Gerard Way's Akira-influenced capsule jacket emblazoned with the school logo. I love how each school has its own logo, kind of how in the US we all have mascots. But the graphical style of the different logos is pretty sweet, I love seeing new ones. On the train you can see different logos imprinted on school uniform buttons or patched on shirts, it's pretty cool. The crossroads here are Past, Future, Next, Adventure, and Big Time, kind of inspired by the semi-randomy One Piece signage you can see Oda put in his illustrations, but also the sort of old-timey signage you can find in Winsor McCay comics.

Sounded like a good idea at the time.


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