Wednesday, March 27, 2013


These are the pencils to the anchor image of our secondary March ALT poster.

The main school's poster is here and here.

This poster's kind of inspired partly by the final episode of Teen Titans between Terra and Beast Boy, but a lot by that Tenchi in Tokyo opening bit when Tenchi meets Sakuya in passing and neither realize who the other is/will be.

That scene has stuck with me since middle school and is perhaps one of the main reasons I love trains so much: they represent that sort of fateful/unwitting meeting of future ties.

I love that stuff.

Anyway here's a close up of our female lead character.

For this one I wanted to end the school year with a more realistic take since I usually don't draw people too realistically.

The previous year I had done riffs on students, but it was just for that one school, so to get some balance this year, I just went with realistic possible-students.

So this is not a real student, but I was using photo reference to get the uniform and hair style.

Here's a process of coloring the girl's face. I had just picked up some new skin colors and was pumped to give them a try here.  Mainly super light E's, but I believe I had just read something about using light reds for more blood-rich areas like the ears and most noticeably the nose, so I was eager to try that here, but the red I had was still just too strong for my taste.

Here's the second part of the process I had also got a lighter brown since my browns were too intense for agreeable brown hair, so I anchored this on a brown called Campaign. I would go on pick up some more browns.  The glasses were also a bit curious. I need some more black-ish colors.  I heard a while ago never to color anything pure black, and I've stuck with that pretty well, but I'm not convinced I've cracked this.


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