Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This is the final ALT News of the year, where in we march into the "see ya." This one is for my main school, so I wanted to put together extra punch, hence our first width-spanning illo, featuring a Totoro-y catbus, while also keeping it personalized with references to them leaving school behind and other subliminalities. We've also got my favorite Conan quote as well as some fun and/or games for the jKids in the form of a classmate-guessing game. I don't care if they prolly can't understand the memories listed, those were really just for me. And if you look really closely, you'll spot my very first comic written in Japanese. So much growth this "year!"

This is a detail of our anchor image in progress. This was my first change to really test out my Copic Ciaos (combined with my old Zebras) and I'm pretty happy with how it went for a first go. I learned a lot and the final image looks really neat in real life. I've added more greens, blues, and yellows to my arsenal since, and I taught myself how to color grass, skin, and fur better using CCs, so I'm pumped for our next major coloring piece.

This is our title image WIP. I wanted to make our final header extra special so I spoofed the Final Fantasy logo, which took a long time to do by hand! Plus I challenged myself to do that same color blending the real logo has and I'm pretty happy with how it went, particularly since I used only one single Copic Ciao to achieve that blend! It's was almost all hard-color Zebras plus this brand called Mildliner. M's are tricky because you have to get in and get out as soon as possible otherwise they can start to eat up the paper, but on the plus side you do get some nice, soft non-CC-able colors. The sky in our anchor image starts up top with a CC but blends into my blue M, which is also a "paint-able" brand, you just have that harder edge and a shot clock before the paper gnarls!

These are some off the some draws of some of our rogues gallery. I decided to test myself and draw these from memory, no reference, just whatever stuck out in my mind's eye, and I am really satisfied with how this went. I happened--happened--to be passing by this poster's hallway as some kids were checking it out and I could hear them giggling guessing the gang. How great was that? Very.


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