Friday, March 23, 2012


This is the last ALT News poster for one of my schools. The Japanese school year ends in March, so it's quite that's-all-folks-y. This month's features include my favorite quote from the most unlikely life-coach slash underdog, Harvard millionaire comedian Conan O'Brien. Who saw that coming?

We've also got a recap of the stuff the jKids like that I also like (including Duel Masters, pizza, and Obata Takeshi!) but also stuff they like that I can't stand, such as AKB48. Haha. I wish Bill Burr would rant about them, but unfortunately no one outside of Japan, Indonesia, or overzealous Otaku fanclubs in the US, gives a flying fart about them!

Here's a breakdown of this month's anchor image, powered by my newly unleashed Copic Ciaos (still use my Zebras and Midliners, though). Which came first, this or that? This. I had this art penciled already so I traced it onto a new sheet to speed up that other sooner-deadlined drawing.

Here's this month's doodad art. It's a breakdown of the wretch known as the graduate, followed by an innovative, interactive move-the-tassel-to-graduate-this-sad-sack display game, which is in turn followed by a hastily sketched, inked, and colored Duel Masters card back and pizza.

Who meets deadlines? I do! Speaking of which, here's a new, postmodern art-video-collage from my AV department.


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