Friday, March 9, 2012


This is beginning to feel like the dawn of a loser forever.

Zero Like Me #181:
Fear Science


Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 3. Today's setting is a car. For the third comic in a row, today's guest star is Umezawa (intentional) and today's title is another indie rock reference (unintentional), this time to the band TV on the Radio. If it didn't blow the punchline, I would have called this comic TV in the Radio, so instead we'll just reference their album, "Dear Science." We've also got a shoutout to my favorite Japanese comedian and unwitting Japanese-language-coach, Megwin!

Fun Facts: You cannot have a drop of alcohol in your blood stream while you drive in Japan (or knowingly be in a car of a driver who has even a drop of alcohol in his or her veins while driving) on pain of arrest. You cannot use a cell phone while you drive in Japan, on pain of arrest. You CAN have and watch a TV that's built into the car's dash, right where the radio should be, while you drive in Japan, on pain of possibly crashing, dying, and/or manslaughtering.

Baa: You can't even ride a bike with earbuds in your skull or hold an umbrella while biking in Japan. Yet I've seen people do both, as well as seeing cell-users in cars. But the most intense spit I've ever seen was a mother smoking in her car with her baby in the front passenger's seat (relax the window was cracked a little, sheesh). I don't know if that last one is actually illegal, but dude, that's brilliant! Imagine how much dangerous second-hand smoke smokers would spare inflicting on innocent people if they all carted around babies with them to act as human smoke filterers? Smoke can't spread to unwanted people if the baby sucks it up first, now, can it? That's just considerate.

And Japan is all about being considerate.


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