Monday, March 19, 2012


This was a poster I did for my third year students who are graduating. It was done in record time, literally hours before deadline! Why cut it so close? Because this was an emergency assignment on top of two other major assignments. Tricky to figure out what could be drawn and inked easily enough to meet deadline, and also to include text that was super-duper simple for people to understand, but I'd say this worked for what it was supposed to do.

Easter Eggs: The chalkboard on the far left has that famous hiragana guy, the center is a total rip off of a certain other image, and the far right is based on an actual photo...).

Fun Facts: I totally didn't think to cut the poster into a unique shape to dress up the emptiness. Imagine a negative space trick in the corners! Ah well.

Baa: I miss them already.

Say, I wonder what those other more time-consuming pieces look like...


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