Friday, June 28, 2013


This is the very second comic I made for Hareruya, for our Fear series! I don't have any process shots because I had to just jump straight to inks and then tones to hit deadline, but this was also just an audition piece. However, at the time we we're sure if we would have this one go to print or not, since the first one was more clearly a "Can you actually draw comics?" kind of thing, but this was more like a "Was that a fluke? Should we just print it?" sort of thing.

So to help my chances, and also just personally to see if I could still do a timely "political cartoon," I decided to do a "current events" piece about the then-standard (RTR-Theros) mono-black menace of turn one Thoughtseize, turn two Pack Rat, game. That versus monoblue devotion with Master of Waves, plus Elspeth, Sun's Champion and her tokens to complete the trio of Standard monotony.

People were aching for an upcoming block called Khans of Tarkir, which had everyone's hopes of a shaken-up format riding on it.

Anyway, they pondered the samples for a bit and I got the gig, but by that time, it was no longer timely so we decided to go with something else.



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