Friday, June 7, 2013


This was the very first comic I ever made for Hareruya, as an audition piece. It was about a giant GP in Chicago were even excellent-performing players just got murdered purely on tiebreakers. We hadn't even named the series yet, but I wanted to call it Fear, though we settled on Fear and Removal.

From the get go, one of my goals with the comic was to represent girls in Magic. All the guys are throwaway characters for the most part, but I wanted the comic not to be able to function in any meaningful way if you took out the female characters.

After this one, they asked for another sample, so I imagine we'll show that one soon enough, but this has never been seen by any human aside from the core editors. The turnaround time here was like two days, so I didn't even get to scan the pencils, just a photo and off to inks.

By the sig, it looks like this was drawn 6/14, but we're logging it for 6/13 on 2/19/15!


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