Friday, February 21, 2014


Our fourth Fear, and it even stayed up, nice. This also got some neat JP response, too, though as far as I know they never released JP versions of my stuff as I'd been told they would. In any case, a decent accomplishment cuz it was in English, after all. Ultimately proudest of this one, and it even beat #SaitoWayfinder numbers, cool beans.

Fun Facts: This was inspired by true events. I remember feeling these exact feelings in panel 2, and eventually gave my OnslaughtDelta away...maybe I sold it at the Champions of Kamigawaprerelease? Pretty sure I traded it away to someone who doesn't even play anymore...Might have gotten a cool-looking swamp for it at best.

Easter Eggs: Mirrodin (Pure) to New Phyrexia metamorphosis, similarly naive green to cynical blue pendant and light shirt to dark, WUBRG in the forest, Gwen Tennyson's cat logo on sleeve, 勝山, Questing Phelddagrif, issue number 5(?), Yale in a tree, black lotus in the grass.

I try to embed as many depressing nuggets into my characters as possible, and this guy's secret story is that he has no friends so his mom has to buy him cards. She doesn't really understand Magic--nor does he, to be frank--but she knows that the packs contribute to the game and make her boy happy, so she buys him a pack or two when she can, and he's just thrilled. She also gives him some cookies to distract him from the fact that he spends all his time alone playing a game meant for two or more people. She doesn't know how to solve this, but figures she's helping by keeping him occupied--she can't be there to play with him because she's got to work. She's just hoping it works out for him. He's now living off the fumes of an old story to entertain people who don't actually care, but need to pass the time. lol



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