Friday, February 14, 2014


Our third Fear, this one I discovered got cut after publication. I cleared the script and everything and it went to print and then disappeared. Curious. I wanted Magic to have an actual satirical voice in comics, rather than just toothless "Yay, Magic is fun and aren't players quirky" stuff, as I explained a million times, to which I received approval.

Fun Facts: I don't play Magic Online, but I imagine their frustrations are what I feel with the website--this was when they redesigned it into the current version with all the panels and stuff, and abandoned the old apparently hideous, but absolutely functional classic site. I used to visit the site daily, but now only with severe reluctance and generally only if I have a specific link to the page I'm looking for. Hate having to search for anything on the site, too, just asking for heart ache. Anyway, this comic came from a sequence of extremely poorly-received news from WotC, and a comically fast reversal that made it feel like if they really want to, they can make stuff happen, which is disheartening given the stuff that really ought to change. Note they hadn't announced the 2-block paradigm yet.

Easter Eggs: A humorously named WotC dude, Ben 10 shirt, horrific "Here I Rule" slogan shirt, Greg Staples study, Fire Nation emblem, and Fire Energy symbol. Today's setting is the 7-11 across the street from Hareruya. Also designed a little Island heart shirt, I thought might be neat, but discovered kinda looks see-through if you color it inattentively.



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