Friday, February 28, 2014


The file says this is our seventh Fear, but pretty sure this is actually the sixth since the first one was just internal. I posted the previous one out of order here.

Fun Facts: This comic came from the story that multiple people did proposals at PT Khans of Tarkir, in Honolulu. Also discovered Brian Kibler used to go to the same LCS I did, but only while I was across the country at college.

Easter Eggs: Yolo in dude's hair; red mana in girl's hair; Black Lotus on the table; Luffy, Goku, Astro Boy, and Bart Simpson playing in the background. Sol Ring ambiguously in the air. Also, I believe the judge here was inspired by a judge I saw on coverage--Irish maybe?--I imagine she has red (literal, not orange) hair.



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