Friday, July 11, 2014


I had an old package of Pocky laying around and wanted to spruce it up.

At the same time, I scored some sweet, obscure Copics I have been craving to test out.

I also needed to figure out Didi's color scheme.

The complication is in the skin.

I sort of envision her as sorta Japanese since that's all I have for reference around here.

I don't really think in terms of color, but I do know I have the inherent "white" complexion drilled into my imagination.

I grew up in the US. I have to force myself to think in terms of darker skin tones. There was a Boondocks comic about this.

It's a bummer. I find it hard to believe you can exist today and not feel the pressure of that default light-skin imagination.

There was a study about this. What race is a stick figure?

Anyway, she lives in Japan, she's Japanese-ish.



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