Monday, December 14, 2015


Another ad thingie I made, with the JP swapped out for some neato lyrics by TV on the Radio. Originally it was about a little viewing station you could watch old Pro Tours and stuff at.

And no, I'm not a Breaking Bad fan, I just like this song, and later found out it had some kind of BrBa tie-in.

I tried watching it, and it was so boring! I was like, this is what all the hype is about? It was like Hal sitting in a living room while a lady was talking incessantly or something and he was miserable having to listen to her(?)...I remember he had a briefcase or something that he was preoccupied with.

It was a while ago. Man, was it back in the US? I can't imagine I've had any opportunity to watch Western shows in JP...don't even have a TV.

Anyway, cards we used were--last call for guesses--as follows:
See Beyond
Unblinking Bleb

Easy, wasn't it?



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