Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Oh, man, what a deal. Right now at 7-11, if you buy two bread items, they give you a free Evangelion/Godzilla notebook. Collect all four! I know I did!

[Not a sponsored post, I just like getting a free sketchbook every time I 7-11 it up...currently swimming in sketchbooks. Granted you have to be ok with the watermark and ruled lines, but I use these just for loose practice sketches anyway...minus these more involved Copic pieces.]

Anyway, this was the last page of my first "sketchbook," Domri Rade, the only MTG planeswalker I have any interest in as a character. I mean I read his lore stories and they weren't that gripping, but more just as a concept I find it interesting that a kid is a planeswalker. This betrays my bias against stories about adults, I guess, which I've discussed already, but basically, I can't wrap my head around adults not having everything already figured out, so who cares what their problems are?

On the art side, between you and me, I don't know why they give a certain artist all the planeswalkers, it seems quite unfair, even just on a numbers level, but also...well, I would not say his is the look to get. Tyler Jacobson, however just smashes it, regardless of whether or not he has a marquee card, notably see what he did with Domri Rade. I particularly love that orange glow in his ear for some reason. But in any case, other artists seem considerably underutilized.

For instance, Volkan Baga feels a bit wasted on monsters and stuff, especially as he is very much the student of master portrait artist Donato Giancola. And I'm still waiting on the Johannes Voss planeswalker--imagine a PW from the guy who brought you Thalia or the GP Chiba Sakura Angel. Min Yum could also do great if they'd just loosen up on the devotion to human planeswalkers--I can see something sinister-leaning, like the murkiness of Ashiok. Karla Ortiz, by the way, is also notably short in the PW department, though she's certainly killing it on legends. I guess, ultimately, some more diversity on PW artists would be swell.

Oh, and this was a sushi-themed admiral of some kind. Her outfit is sushi, you see...


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