Friday, July 29, 2016


(Updating to a scanned version...I think I'm getting the hang of manual color adjustments...but the scan still doesn't feel as crisp or quite as true as my camera...the hat for instance looks too aqua in the scan, not as Yale as it really is...)

I'm doing a series of summer postcards for a little give-away situation. Didn't know what to draw for this project since the theme was "summer" and "well wishes" for hospital-bound people, so I just went with summery outfits and general cheeriness.

I've been told it's wisest to focus on digital 100%, but I love traditional so much, so I hope this is not too detrimental...Felt great to bust out the G-Pen again and get some Copic action in, too. I have to say, I love the faint scent of both the G-Pen ink and the Copic aroma (though from a distance), especially when you have a stack of pieces in front of you: they give off that little combo olfactory hug you just can't get digitally. It smells like you've accomplished something, on top of just tangibly feeling so.

Fun Facts: When I was a bit more exasperated during college, I would draw chipper chicas, often Nyao, to keep me afloat, so hopefully this helps people out there, too. I don't know. Sometimes living out here is like living out on a deserted island, you know? Anyway, this color scheme was inspired by the Magic Origins Chandra Nalaar prerelease handout that I use as a hand guard so I don't mess up pieces underhand as I work on them.

Easter Eggs: my Yale hat, which after all these years is finally coming apart...Base Ball Bear, an excellent, if softer, JRock band.

Bonus "dramatic" version. I stumbled across this when I was adjusting the scan's colors and made a new layer with the original, non-brightened scan on top with a mask poking the brightened scan through, so I could isolate the more accurate, darker version of the hat.

Oh, here's the thumbnail, too.


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