Friday, September 16, 2016


I dunno. After the MCS concert, and Kyoto, I was feeling a bit down. Not sad exactly, just...kinda tired, mentally and physically. Spent, I guess is the word. All week. So I spontaneously decided to draw Day[9] after listening to some of his talks.

Usually, I put a lot more thought and care into choosing people/stuff to draw, but this one was just, let's do it, no planning, whatever, let's go, watercolors and Signo pens to boot, too.

I'm not even that into StarCraft, his signature game, though I played a bunch up to Brood War when I was in middle school. Come to think of it, StarCraft might have been my game of choice before Magic. Anyway, I only came to know Day[9] from the cross promotional stuff he was doing with Magic for a bit. From there, I'd branched out and listened to his spoken word stuff.

Just listening to him, especially his GP story always just makes me happy. Same with like LSV's videos, especially his Goblinslide video, or Conley Woods and Tom on MTG Potpourri. Their voices just kinda warm up the room. I'm not one for hanging out or chatting or being around people in general, but it's just comforting hearing these guys talk.

And then I found out that he seems to have dropped SC, at least partially due to his demanding job building a new game, which I found out he even more recently quit, and now it seems this was possibly in anticipation of it folding, which it just did, and that all just bummed me out anew. I myself have been kinda down that I'm not terribly excited for Magic lately, not even the new set, Kaladesh, which is just about to come out; I haven't played since the SOI prerelease and don't see myself playing any time soon.

Stuck in this rut, I started checking out some of Day[9]'s SC videos, and my gosh they were great. I haven't played in, what, 10+ years?, but he makes SC feel so engaging. But then I thought of League of Legends and Overwatch and how these are supposed to be huge now (I don't really keep up with any games but Magic), but I definitely don't hear anything about SC, if anything, I get the feeling RTSs have fallen out of fashion. From Day[9]'s videos, I learned he has a famous brother who's also closely tied with SC, and now all of a sudden I'm worried about this stranger of a brother of a stranger who I don't even really know much about. Is he ok? Is SC ok? Are they ok? Are they happy?

Why do I care?


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