Monday, January 30, 2017


Toss your cookies, it's Sick Little Suicide #30, "Bunksy," in which we throw up that thing making us sick.

Fun Facts: Today's art is based on the famous Banksy piece with the dude throwing flowers.

It is simply cartoonish to believe that orange fraud and his goons are acting in anyone's best interests, at least besides the interests of something extremely sinister. We need more people, especially those among the Republican party, to behave rationally now more than ever. That means defying those irrational, oppressive, and ultimately destructive voices who are enabling this precipitous degradation of our moral and political standing to continue, pushing us towards an unprecedented and potentially irreparable danger.

This isn't about party, it's about country and honor. Do what's right. If the very top public servant has committed an illegal and unconstitutional act--and actively ignores wiser voices--he is unfit for office and should be impeached.

Not normal,


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