Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Mark the spot, it's Sick Little Suicide #29, "X," in which we cross out everything we knew.

I actually drew this for the US's inauguration day proper, though it was the day after for us in Japan ("my" day-of piece was this old number).

Fun Facts: I wanted to draw as minimal a piece as possible with as much packed in as possible, and this is the most straightforward piece I've ever done, two lines over a solid background. At first it was to be a solid field of black, then no more than an x'd out orange field, but these didn't go far enough, so we ended up with the final above.

Easter Eggs: Brown and black comprise the X to signify the minorities who must unite to oppose that garishly omnipresent, loud, orange fraud. The brown dash is closer to us since, hey, that's me. From our perspective, the X centers slightly left, signifying progress and the necessary willingness to insist on some progressive action and coordination regardless of individual tastes. The X also hits upon the orange's right (if it's facing camera in opposition to the X), meaning the X has to target the right, the source of this strife. Finally, I set my brush to solid and 100 so that it is unmistakable that we must be united on this effort.

We have to be in this together because we are. It benefits no one to in-fight or appease the foul. The solution should not be a one-way street of having to understand people who are in league with racist values or who remove themselves from any reasonable understanding of reality; there are certain things that are simply unacceptable today, absolutely least of all in any official capacity. We stand at the brink of an era of actual, genuine evil--harm to the helpless, cowardice to truth, suppression of freedom. We can't succumb to evil. We are the United States of America.

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