Friday, June 16, 2017


Since Wile E. Coyote, I've basically always rooted for the villains in shows, and Team Rocket was one of the legends, hence Jamezu.

Wasn't sure which Poke to put in place perched upon his personage, but I went with Chimecho since that's the last main I recall him with before I moved to Japan and lost touch with the show.

I remember how charming Chimecho was with him, so I wanted it to sorta be cuddling with him.

This actually started with the background as a separate piece, but halfway through that, I thought I'd love to draw a summery Vicky/Fred over top.

But realizing people only care about fan art, I started thinking who I could "cast" to star in the piece in lieu of my guys.

I've always loved James and casual fan art pieces showing characters more on their off hours than in more usual circumstances, so that's why we went with Jamezu.

I do feel in the end, the background didn't quite go with the figures, but I'm happy with it independently, though I added the trees after it looked a little bare when combined with the figures included.

There was the issue of worrying about making James look too white, since I'd be default lean him vaguely Asian since he's a JP IP, but meh, it's whatever you want.

The background was a thrill, though, because at random intervals I'd drastically warp it from its more uninspiring origins as a straight-on beach.

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