Monday, June 19, 2017


This one came about because, again, I strive not to fall back into drawing water, so rather than a desert, I tried for a forest with a spritely figure.

While wanting to do more than a landscape here, I wanted to avoid using a straight-up figure, so rather than a firm character, I tried something more abstract, perhaps inspired subconsciously by Eidolon of Blossoms.

This also entailed using my texture brush alone to sculpt the figure, just swipes of color, no actual linework. This was quite a change of pace.

Once we had a forest elemental duder, I wanted to see if I could lend some storytelling by having its feet spur flower growth. To contrast this, I pulled color away from areas it hadn't stepped on, which also had the benefit of darkening the values around the figure so it could contrast more.

I suspect I'm falling into a new "water" trap of adding sparkles a bit too liberally to scenes, but whatever, this piece was pretty much all experimental.

Not normal,


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