Wednesday, July 5, 2017


I wanted to draw something for 7-11 Day in Japan, but not have it feel too sell-outy, so I thought of a little romantic scene where the relationship is made up and the rain drops don't matter.

The idea here is a little rainy scene with two people kinda lost in it all, viewed from those tunnels you see in Japan, particularly the hideous one I had to walk through every day to the old day job.

The image is a take on that popular JP trope of a guy and girl fighting, but then the guy reluctantly giving the girl his drink or whatever to make up. I should note I've never actually seen a Big Gulp in they even still have those in the US?

Anyway, I made this entirely with my two Helen Chen Brushes and it felt quite great...all the training with Steve Ahn's Ultimate Brush really made easing into this brush for free-paints feel a lot smoother.

Not normal,


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