Wednesday, July 12, 2017


A painted sketch of Vicky Vasquez.

This started as an effort to paint with just the non-textury Helen Chen Brush. It has ever so slight blendability, so you can lighten up your pressure to blend, plus you can always "chop" colors together Cold Stone Creamery style.

The concept of her in front of a faded-out newspaper has been a treatment I've enjoyed for a good while.

Overall I'm happy where this illustration went, and I'm really liking how much you can do with just this one brush alone. The gray background was a bit of a gamble, but I wanted it to feel like a newspaper--gray, yellow, kinda dull unless that's specifically what you're looking for (hence the sharp highlights, representing purposeful searching). My name in Japanese is on the right, too...

I am not happy with the jacket here, however. The colors are fine, but they do feel a little too far from proper red, but the style also feels uninspired. I studied my nose and collar bones a bit here, so hopefully those are getting better.

This is the original sketch I bolted out way too quickly. But again, this brush is just great for getting ideas on the canvas, while still being able to go back in and noodle away when you have time.

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