Wednesday, September 20, 2017


A sketch of Vicky Vasquez handling stress as coolly as usual.

Bonus color edition. I really want to avoid using any colors beyond black and white and red since that is thematic to the series...Again, it's all an elaborate play on the old joke, "What's black and white and red all over?" since it's about newsies, essentially.

The background text is also a play on the thematic elements of frantic editorial/note-scrawling and the general stress of newsroom deadlines, a similar stress that I've been experiencing lately, too.

This actually started with her facing the opposite direction, but when I flipped it to check for wonkiness, it seemed to read better. I've heard that facing left to right tends to connote good guys, and the opposite connotes villains...

But because I flipped it, I had to redo all the non-background text, and lose her ear-ring, which I almost missed before print! I didn't catch that her asymmetrical hairdo was reversed, though, but maybe she was just trying something new, you don't know! Ironic because I also drew this as I learned it was apparently short haircut day in Japan (4/11/18 as of writing)...

Not normal,


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