Wednesday, October 11, 2017


MTGinktober pontificates on about Day 9, "Screech," starring Thrull Parasite, Orzhov Pontiff, and Shrieking Grotesque (one of my all-time favorite Limited cards)!

This felt like a perfect spot for our old "Noisy" art from last year, but in light of that, I challenged myself to try to go as different from that as I could. So rather than an intense, dare I say overloaded image, I went with a restrained, close-up portrait of a guy who uses his amplified voice for bad purposes (presumably) and two familiars who are complicit in their noisiness.

Fun Facts: My original goal was to draw Shrieking Grotesque primarily, and just a generic pudgy Orzhov figure sitting Jabba-like in the background, but ironically the focuses ended up basically reversing in the final. Researching this piece was such a treat--I loved checking out D. Alexander Gregory's old Orzhov style guide art again, he has such a cool style, as does the Orzhov guild, carrying over to the more recent incarnation in Return to Ravnica block. And not just the (non-Pontiff) guild aesthetic, but also the gargoyle design. I was most excited to draw the screaming statue's mouth above all else, even taking the opportunity to try out some quasi-Kirby Krackle.

Easter Eggs: I used reference of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for the guy's face. He had just the features I was picturing, since we don't have many close-ups to work with in-game. I loved cutting loose with the eyebrows and the, um, jowels.

This felt like a nice change of pace, as I haven't done a calm portraity piece yet, and giving it some extra final polish for the site was a nice and relaxing cool-down after a day of more frantic drawing.

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