Friday, March 14, 2008


Even though last time was an MO, it would feel odd having a non-DF Friday. So here's the Making Of Neener.

Recently, I've been scanning pencil finals along with rough drafts and notebook drafts, which should be neat for all. And this pencil final is particularly interesting because the ink final has a different ending.

The original was a close up of a defeated Kelly, but after I sketched what her crash might look like I knew that would make a funnier, more logical ending. So after all that practicing for the close up, I discarded it for the doodled ending.

And the comic's left border reveals my attempt at quality control: coloring checklists. The system's still struggling.

Finally, while lettering an hour or so before the Herald's deadline, I debated over the villain's name and had to write it out a couple of times to be sure that's what I wanted. I had wanted the ID tag to read the Ruemore, but that felt too close to the Rumor.

Well, everything worked out for the most part and we have our final comic, Neener.


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