Friday, March 21, 2008


To close Spring Break posts, here's the MO of a sentimental favorite for me, "UHTSS."

First is the penciled final with posing at left, fight sketches and hangers at top, and D. Kat exits at right.

Of course, at bottom is me trying to figure out how to draw certain underpants; pretty difficult, penciled "finals" often reveal changes that occurred right before inking, especially in backgrounds.

I've now locked in which lines I'm using and am ready to add blacks and then go back with pencil to hatch in what I think needs grayish color.

The fashion show sequence, especially the middle Katara costume, is a good example of this, where once there was originally white will eventually be some nonblack "color."

This relieving step means we're almost done and that we can finally start "clean up," erasing the pencil to begin adding colors worry-free about pencil undermining ink. There are some patches of spot colors I don't want to forget after clean up, though.

Finally pencil-free, there isn't too much that can go wrong; just lots of sweeping. I tried using real color once, but that went fuzzily wrong when the Herald printers blurred everything up.

Paralyzed by the risk, I only go black and white for now. I dream of using that newfangled Photoshop doohickey to provide colorful online exclusives, but I hate using Macs and don't know much about Photoshop yet.

So until I learn Photoshop, please bear with the panda express as it chugs along.


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