Friday, January 27, 2012


This is our main school's January ALT "News" poster. It ate up a huge chunk of time, but I finally wrapped it! This one's special because, as there's no real holiday hijinks in January (and New Years' is nowhere near as big a deal as it is in Japan), I got to talk about whatever I wanted to after covering the New Years' basics. So I added a section on Motion City Soundtrack and My Chemical Romance. But there's also a super special section in there, too, more on that later.

This is what I call our "anchor" page, the main theme page. We've got a meeting of the US symbol of the new year, a top-hatted baby, and the Japanese/Chinese emblem of the new year, a ball-bearing dragon. Because we didn't get the full month to work on this due to the winter break, I didn't have enough time to add colors, but use your big-boy imaginations, okay? Okay.

Here's a close up of our anchor image. I wanted to hit a Saturday Evening Post sort of sensibility with the baby, and also to have it feel like they're both dumbstruck by the other upon their meeting. Easier to hit that with the baby, of course, but I actually like how the dragon turned out. I studied Shishizaru's gorgeous Jugan, the Rising Star, for an Asian dragon model, even.

These are the pencil lines...took foreverrrrrr! Not really, but I just kept getting interrupted with other tasks. Still, I'm pretty okay with how it came out.

This is the super special section of the poster wherein I'm officially challenging the jKids to play me at Duel Masters and/or Magic. I've been given the green light to use card games in school to help teach English communication, as it has already helped me learn some Japanese, in fact. So I drew up a quick little model of what a Duel Masters set-up looks like (starring Hearty Cap'n Polligon and Bronze-Arm Tribe) along with a brief overview of the game, complete with the bombshell that--gasp!--DM is actually a US-made game! Hopefully I get some challenges. Oh, and what is Duel Masters? Just the hottest thing since Yoshi Trolls. Need I say more?


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