Friday, June 15, 2012


This is the June edition ALT poster for our main campus. Our anchor section rubs it in those lil' Japanese faces that US kids are off on break, sleeping in and not following their dreams while jKids are oftentimes going to school six days a week if not more. We've also got a section, "Band Tourino," dedicated to Motion City Soundtrack, who's coming to Japan next month! Plus we've got a section dedicated to summer blockbuster flops, including the legendary Nemo movie that was rammed full of creative talent all for naught.  You can also see a cameo by two familiar feces paired with another installment of my casual English corner, "New Expression."  The last thing we've got is a new section offering booty to jKids who submit art to the board.  Will anyone take up the challenge? Knowing jKids' reticent temperaments, prolly not, but who knows; I tried making it as easy as possible by having it just be a coloring contest, but you'd be surprised how shell-shock they can get even with straightforward instructions...

Here's a close up of our anchor image's inks.  This image had to be done really fast, so I decided to cut colors this time around.  The pengys were each going to be a different primary, there's always next time I guess. But for added Oda-like flavor, I gave each one a letter for their pengy eyebrow things.  Why volleyball, though?  Because it was recently on the brain, unfortunately. I found that games of volleyball, and most everything involving playing an oppoenent, are preceded by a winner-take-all game of Janken, aka "Rock, Paper, Scissors." If someone ever throws rock and then, seeing you throw paper, rams their fist into their nose, jamming their nasal cartilage into their brain, that's called "Rock, Paper, Kamikaze." True story.

I actually got to have a conversation in Japanese about the translation of the anchor page, as a spectator came by and put in an excellent effort to read it while I was inking up the image, and through our mutually broken language abilities we were able to get the full text across!  Really exciting.

All right, that's one down this month, one to go.


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