Friday, December 13, 2013


This is the final version of the token I did. Yes, they actually picked something I did.

Can I count this one as recently going viral? People were reposting for the art, right? Right...

In all seriousness, I've seen people get really excited when I use this token and then they discover I drew it. Haha. At the Battle for Zendikar prerelease, a couple of younger dudes even wanted to ask me for my autograph. How charming desu.

Not entirely sure how you can get these anymore, it was a limited run, and you could only get one randomly whenever you'd buy over 1,000 yen of stuff (there were other tokens in the line-up to potentially get, too). Perfect timing though, as these came out just as Khans of Tarkir dropped, so warriors abounded.

Anyway, studied a bunch of Yukioe for this, including hands and backs and backgrounds. Fun. No armpit hair. Editors amirite?



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