Friday, February 5, 2016


A live ink to da max with my multi-color ballpoint pen for this (largely useless) Elf Warrior torn alter token. I actually started this a while ago, before SOI rendered Elf Warrior tokens even less relevant, but I finished it off just today in an effort to clear my little docket of tokens that have been waiting to receive finishes.

It does suck that the token is basically unusable, but to be fair, this was more of a learning experience anyway to see how articulate we can get using just this pen. I do know not to mix them with Copics, for example, we learned that. So I'm pretty happy with what we can get, will have to watch the blending a bit more, but next step is to try this on a more usable token. I do love Copics, so I figure this might be just a good option if I'm ever looking for something relatively more straightforward or mobile, since I don't need my Santa-bag of Copics immediately on me for these.



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