Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Ok, moping does nothing. To get me out of the crippling ugliness, I thought I'd trick myself into getting back into the swing of things by starting easy, basically just tracing my old Homie Airport sketch, adding sparse colors, and capping it off with limited design elements like you might see in JP fashion ads.

I deliberately told myself to keep it simple, just Steve Ahn's storyboarding brush, flat colors, and a super loose coloring style, like one of those hand-printed deals. The idea was to make it look like a magazine ad or something hyping the new album. The tagline is a little pun: reading the Japanese characters for "music" in Japanese is literally the characters for "sound fun," so it's like a sarcastic, "Music is fun, huh?" sentiment, playing off of the "fun/しい" character in "music/音," though again, zero reason for him to be so serious, wherein lies the humor.

Anyway, I got carried away with the main piece I was working on, which was actually meant to be simpler than this one, but their complexity swapped as I switched from today's simple piece to that complex one (the funk was so bad, I couldn't even finish today's trace job, so I distracted myself by jumping to the other piece). That complex piece ended up getting inspired by this piece (but I finished the complex one first, though I'll post it last for this week). As for this piece, it's just Homie Airport looking tuff/cool.

I love drawing characters with orange hair. The quest continues to do it well.

Not normal,


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