Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Feeling kinda glum, I just started scribbling around and ended up painting a cave-like place, eventually arriving at a sort of screenshot-style piece from like when you're talking to someone in an RPG.

I named her Trixi because Yuki mighta been a little too weeabooish (Yuki's a cool name that also means snow, in reference to her 'do, but it lost points for potential misreads with "yucky").

I figure Trixi's more of a sweet joker type anyway, hitting you with sarcasm and witticisms rather than actual advice and clues (though she sneaks them in there)--the red text sprinkling was a throwback to games like Zelda that did the same for ADD players.

I didn't realize the lines were from an old Inktober piece, but this process's exactly what I'm hoping to do more of down the line, especially with this year's more complex pieces.

That is, this piece was exciting because for a while now, I've been thinking about trying this technique of remixing pre-made inked lines into full-color, polished pieces.

I knew from the get-go I wanted to try coloring the background via gradient maps, another KNKL technique.

Background paintings with traditional cel-shaded figures is a nice combo, and the painting itself is really relaxing cuz it feels like you can't screw up too much, as opposed to more obvious figurework mistakes.

Bonus Twitter version.

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