Friday, September 28, 2007


This week's comic is about a personal philosophy: it doesn't matter how bad you've got it, you have no right to complain when there are people out there that are really, truly suffering.

My "bad days" mean nothing, especially here at Yale; I have it great, others do not. They have a right to complain. It would be selfish and insulting to try to whine about life's little annoyances when God's been so good to me.

Easter Eggs: Chittenden's "The Philosopher" and sewing machine, Motion City Soundtrack's Justin Pierre, Dee Dee from Commons, Harkness Tower hairstyle, sleeptalking like Ramos, Wal-Mart's smile, Betty from "The Future Freaks Me Out," and shackle-like uniform trim.

Fun facts: First time including females in a "Lighter Light" comic plus seated poses from a pose sheet by Mel Milton.

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