Monday, March 3, 2008


With our second jack kelly monday comes a treat at the end--some online exclusives!

Interestingly, jack doesn't cuss even though he easily could have. But I agree with him; why do Yalies do such stupid things? Think whatever you want, just keep it locked up in your privileged little head if you know it's racist. Racism makes even less sense if you're doing it anonymously: what do you gain from people knowing someone hates certain people? It's like being one of a mob yelling "defense" at a basketball game. Really, what's the point?

Just because you can say whatever you want doesn't mean you should. --Glenda Gilmore at the History of Hate Panel

But to be fair, criticism should fly free, just not racism. For instance, say you picked up a copy of the Yale Record's Machine Issue and saw their incomprehensibly unprofessional, outrageously poor execution. Then you might feel inclined to the state the following:

Fair and balanced, jack. Good job.


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