Friday, May 2, 2008


No more Herald till next year, so to maintain Fridays' specialness, I'll run more spectacular, non-sketch stuff on Fridays. So please enjoy the making of Scrunch.

First I type up a script then transfer it to paper and slice it up into manageable, numbered sections for easier planning.

Next I make little thumbnails of what I'm thinking for the page's layout, which often takes multiple tries.

I'll rough out key expression or gestures on this page too, so that I don't lose the original idea hours later--a full page can take me as long as 12 hours to do.

For example, this sketch was to figure out the top panel's pose.

I wasn't sure how to end the comic, but it finally hit me to do an Oda-like face scrunch, which I penciled into the thumbnail.

Thursday afternoon after class, I begin the longest phase: penciling.

While drawing, I hit upon another ending after the face scrunch idea, a frame dissection featuring the whole cast.

The ending felt end-y, but with space for interpretation, so I went with it, plus it allows everyone to say goodbye while capturing key expressions.

Here's the inked page. At this point it's around 2am, oddly early for me.

Drawing a weekly comic is bittersweet; you can't wait to get it done, but it's a little sad knowing it is done.

All that's left is clean up and coloring.

At 3:37am, I head off to scan the final page.

It was a big relief to be done, but again, a little depressing.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the run while it lasted.

And I hope to do even better next semester.


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