Monday, May 19, 2008


Heads up, Batman, it's sketches from the Purple Crayon's Midnight Madness/Senior Show plus the Battle of the Bands 2008.

Sadly, there weren't many usable sketches from the Crayon's year-end show, but it was a heartwarming send-off for the Crayon's sole senior, Benji.

Alright, well, I got depressed walking back after Benji's exit speech, partially from having witnessed something great in his final performance, but mostly from seeing him leaving friends.

It freaks me out that there's no guarantee I'll have anyone see me off when I graduate, especially seeing the absolute opposite in his having a gang of Crayons, who he was a true asset to, plus a room full of people eager to see him do what he does.

It's also frightening how he can commemorate four years with the Crayon, while the only potential four year groups I've got are the Record and Quizbowl. But the former has soured into a reluctant, pained loyalty and I've basically quit the latter.

Anyway, it would have been great if Benji's final show were as riotous as the WildnOut show, but of course it was easily better than the Ex!t Players or the Viola Question.

But come to think of it, it was eerie how the final skit was Benji in a room alone trying to fall asleep.

* * *

Battle of the Bands 08 was alright.

This Theo fellow popped out of nowhere with a band and even sang!

That was worth the ticket alone, just for the shock!
It sounded like they said the band was called Nyquil, and I admit they were kinda putting me to sleep. I really, really wanted to like the band, but they just weren't too engaging that night.

It was a bummer that this guy's band, Catch, wasn't playing.

Goodness knows there were way too many meh bands playing. Why not get surer bets up there?

. . .

A few pre-frosh came up to me throughout the night to check out my sketchbook. Flattering.

One pre-frosh, a landscapist, thought I was 2012, too.

If only.

I wish I could relive Freshman Year for half a decade.

The newness, the welcoming, the uncertainty, the auspiciousness.

Getting lost looking for JE, Commons, WLH. Exploring JE. Figuring out the Law School.

Giving fake names, knowing everyone doesn't know everyone yet.

Having the I'm-a-freshman excuse.

Still thinking I'm a high schooler.

Finding my feet before fitting in.

Being caught up in all the lore.

Thinking that the Record's great.

Following mighty juniors.

Knowing that FroCos are there.

Meeting my first suitemates, thinking this'll be perfect forever.

Well, anyway.

I've been trying to draw this guy in action for a while, but never seem to catch him long enough.

It's a shame that the Sandy Gill Affair's audio seemed to have died. They really deserved to win, if not be a finalist. And not even Mad Mad Prophets placed. What were the judges thinking?

If you were to judge this band by their performance that night, no, they shouldn't have won, but that was because you couldn't hear anything. Based on their past performances and their monumental improvement, they had enough credibility to warrant a bump in whatever score the judges blindly assigned them.

This lady's band was so not first place-y. Boring acoustic stuff.

Who actually enjoyed this performance so much that they said, "Hey, let's put them in Spring Fling over these other clearly more entertaining bands"?
It makes zero sense.

Mad Mad Prophets, Sandy Gill, and Catch (which didn't play that night) are just plain better; why didn't anyone recommend them?

I cannot figure out how anyone with a clear conscience could have ignored those bands and picked Z's band, who I'm sure is a nice person, etc., etc. but also robbed more deserving groups of play time.

Oh, the girl at left was ninja-ing her way around photographing bands and stuff.

I think she was with one of the bands, actually.
A 2012. How lucky. He has no idea. I think I hate him. He gets Freshman Year next year. Watch him be in JE. That's all I need.

I think this guy was in a band called Flocks, or as I read later, Flux.

Well, that's it.

Closing thought: Battle of the Bands, you are a mean, shameless joke.



Laura said...

hey reuxben-
glad to hear you hate my stuff. could i have a copy of that drawing you made of me from battle last year?
your pal,

Reuxben said...

...eesh. I suppose that's what I get for assuming that people don't actually read this garbage...

Erm...gosh, it's not that I hate your stuff, it's that other bands just killed or otherwise really, really deserved that spot, and I can tell you from my own creepy eavesdropping that I'm not alone on this...


...with good will and really nervous ellipses,