Monday, May 12, 2008


Friday night was My Chemical Romance, with Taking Back Sunday and Drive By, at Madison Square Garden!

These are my intermission/train ride sketches!

It was weird seeing what other fans look like, I've seen so few.

Depressingly, there were tons of mini fangirls, like at the Umbrella signing last Comic-Con.

Is MCR just *Nsync singing about death?

Right, so first up is Kelly emo-fangirled out. The MCR gloves she's wearing were quite popular. The chain was straight up Kingdom Hearts, son.

On the train to New York, threads revealed who was show-bound. Some nutty fashion out there.

But on the train back, these two girls sat across from me and chatted across the aisle with this lady minding her drunk husband, passed out nearby. All MCR fans!

So I started sketching stuff based on the girls' conversation; one girl's learning guitar. The guy's hair is inspired by the dark guy from Billy Talent.

They didn't realize I was riffing off of their conversation, but they enjoyed watching me draw, so I started entertaining for three.

Before the show, the fangirls seated behind me were debating over whether or not to buy these "Dr. Seuss" hats that the cotton candy vendors were shucking.

Intermission sketch between Drive By (meh) and Taking Back Sunday!

A revelation I had after MCR played Dead!. There's a ! in the title.

Pre-show sketch.

Rockers are remarkably punctual!

Drive By started three minutes after the 7:30 curtain.

This was my first real concert, but I was shocked at how late people arrived. If you paid for a ticket, why wouldn't you come for it all?

Train sketch.

I wanted to like Drive By, but they just weren't exciting, save their last song.

They pushed their CD and the other bands' greatness a little too much.

It was like they weren't even going pretend anyone might be excited to see them.

Aang train sketch.

I couldn't think of an expression, so I made him shocked.

Since the girls enjoyed my drawings, I thought I'd surprise them with a drawing to take home. After finishing the following train sketch, I realized I ought to draw one for each.

So I drew up a rough Black Parade drum major from fuzzy memory. They reached their stop before I could finish so in the fray I only ripped out the less impressive drum major for them. So they only got one sketch after all.

Plus ten grown-up points to me for safely navigating my way to Madison Square Garden alone.


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