Monday, December 29, 2008


Cover Page

"Pangolin Falls" was my final paper for LITR 493: Graphic Forms, Fall '08.

This was my first time collaborating on a comic, and although all the meticulous planning took place well in advance, the actual, physical drawing took place mostly in the last 24 hours; I had to budget only about 4 hours per page!

So after a couple Monsters, no sleep, and a camp out at the Davenport computer cluster on a rainy Thursday night slash sunny Friday afternoon, I finally penciled in this final page, the cover, which happily took under half an hour.

Page One

The original idea involved a pangolin, so as a testament to how radically this project changed from all our original concepts we kept the seemingly random title.

Unfortunately, my original of this page, which had the correct lettering, has gone missing, leaving only this proof version, relettered by me (we had thought it appropriate if I penciled only the non-Lynn text).

Easter Eggs: 493 is the seminar's class number.

Fun Facts: This is my favorite page so of course it is the one that gets lost.

Canadian geese, eh?


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