Wednesday, December 3, 2008


"The Pokemon Hunter," for the Yale Record's Sustainability Issue.

I haven't really felt too happy with my Record work lately, but this one's an improvement.

Easter Eggs: Pushing the owl on screen 1, "Wah" on screen 2.

Fun Facts: This is my second Record piece involving pokemon (Charizard was a boring choice made only for readability's sake), and only my second actual Record comic.



Anonymous said...

Who would you have chosen otherwise? Primeape? Slaking?

Reuxben said...

Funny, those are really logical choices, but I was actually thinking Groudon.

The piece's original concept was a four panel investigation of legendaries, each of which invariably severely injure Pete. I then decided to focus on the panel with just him and Groudon, but then I worried few would read 3rd gen Groudon as a pokemon, so I picked the most universal, non-Pikachu 1st gen pokemon, Charizard. Yawn.

Thanks for your time--I'll draw some pokemon fan art for you after finals,