Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Page Two

Pangolin Falls continues with a layout homage to the incredible Winsor McCay to unveil our creature, a noble little kappa.

Easter Eggs: The shadow in the biggest left panel is our hero, the kappa.

Fun Facts: The creature was originally a pangolin, but I pushed for a kappa for simplicity (and fun)'s sake, although the kappa's hair proved to be a hassle!

I'm not too handy with sound effects but took the opportunity to invent some. The middle bottom panel is based on a pose in a Yakitate!! Japan sampler. The final panel pose is based on how dogs shake off water.

Page Three

This page is Eisner influenced in the way we have seemingly identical stuff (like trees) shift perspective and usage between panels.

Easter Eggs: Loria is the name of the building our class met in, Kira's from Chushingura and/or Deathnote, Ono sweatpants.

Fun Facts: Lynn Zee's first name comes from pangoLIN, her last name comes from my collaborator's first initial. I used my gummy eraser to figure out Lynn's pose; really happy with how it turned out.

This page was probably the most fun.

Happy New Year,


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