Friday, December 19, 2008


Here are sketches from The Space's rock show in Hamden, CT last night.

We arrived just as Goodbye Terminal was wrapping up, but they sounded great (top right guitarist).

I went for The Sandy Gill Affair, who did just great, although it sounds like they changed the intro to "Winter In Westchester" from its old "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" sounding version. Anyway, I might be a jinx for them because they always have really weird audio whenever I'm around. Their first song was really wacky, but they recovered fast and well.

Article 19 had some incredible songs (top left, Seth Green guy).

The final singer, minus her saxophonist, was a tedious listen, reminiscent of the anti-climactic finish at last year's Battle of the Bands.

Frankie concluded my drawing session, but not before getting some audience shots. The center guy was even kind enough to talk to me. He asked me a question I'll answer on Monday.

Also, many people enjoy wearing those hiker hook keychain deals.


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