Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I went to a great rock show this past Sunday night, these are my sketches.

The show featured pretty much my top three favorite "Neat Yale Things" (on the left bar). These are, of course:

Great Caesar and the GoGetters
Richard Miron
The Sandy Gill Affair

As well as a band called Suitcase of Keys. They've got a really great song called "Fallen Leaves." The only downside to the lineup was that Great Caesar was short several GoGetters...

So it's always great whenever these guys perform but for once the audience is actually worth mentioning: the audience was one of the RUDEST groups of people ever assembled.

They seriously would not shut up! It's not like these were strangers on stage; these were people most in attendance knew somehow--why would you disrespect them by treating them like elevator music?

Completely unbelievable.

But in any case...I did sketch some of the nicer audience members, and even met someone who likes my artwork, which is always nice.

This girl had an interesting hat and bright red pants.

The first sketch was a girl in this cool flannel get-up with a beanie brooch or something.

The second sketch features a girl with an incredibly fluffy hood. It was huge.

Sidenote: man, The Sandy Gill Affair has some serious toe-tappers.

This is Mr. Miron, who weaved through the crowd before and after his set. I strained to hear him most of all because people just would not shut up. So frustrating.

He's playing a show in February, and I hope to make it over, so I can actually hear him this time, and maybe get a better sketch.

Although he did play THIS, which made my day!

The violinist was great, too, of course.

In conclusion, here's a Work-in-Progress of a drawing I've been working on. This fellow wasn't at the show, but he is the subject of my very first drawing of 2009, started on the 1st, and very near completion now.

Clue: it's terribly awkward whenever he's around, no fault of his, of course.*

*Technically, this means it could be anyone...even me.


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