Monday, January 26, 2009


This is the third Sick Little Suicide, in which Harvard owns everything and the rest of the League's its pets. Take that, Yale.

Easter Eggs: Obama's growth thing, Bush's squinty eyes. Haha.

Fun Facts: I'm trying to avoid sprawling labels. Uncle Sam is voiced by Conan O'Brien doing his "keep cool, my babies" voice.

If there were such a thing as stage fright for a visual artist, that's what I get whenever I publish in the YDN, especially this series, since most humans at Yale read the YDN. I used to get nervous earlier on with the Herald before I realized no one reads the Herald.

But I feel quite insecure(r) doing these suicides because it's printed gigantically right behind the cover. I hate imposing myself on people, and rather than hide out in a comics section where you have to look for me, the opinion section just blasts me right in your face...quite unnerving.

Ironically one of my fondest comicsing memories was YDN-related: I saw someone at first smiling then audibly chuckling while waiting in line at Commons and reading this. It warmed my pathetic little heart. Yes, I actually creeped my way near him to make sure it was my feces he was enjoying.

But that fool jack kelly always makes everybody smile. I wish I could be as funny as him. Ugh, I hate him.


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Anonymous said...

dude you make the ydn tolerable.