Wednesday, January 28, 2009


You should see the cruelly jovial emails from Laurence Oliver Leslie.

Zero Like Me #10: Flannigan
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-First Comic-

Easter Eggs: Harkness in panel 1. "Yale," purevolume, and Dext(er's Lab) in panel 4.

Fun Facts: My first thought when I saw this morning's weather, Cool, it's snowing! My second thought, Dangit, my comic's weather is inaccurate! I totally did not see the weird fresh snowfall plus warm weather plus rain combination coming. Also, today's setting is JE's Taft library.

So as much as I lament not being able to publish on "Reuxsdays," ZLM is officially on Wednesdays this semester, which is more convenient anyway.

Final thought: This is my 10th YDN comic, but for some reason I need to hit 6 more to make staff, after being told I'd be staff by the end of last semester...fine.