Friday, April 3, 2009


Last Crash: Smalltown girl Bee Farnam and Peepi the Sprite pwn a rooftop monsta.

Sometimes these are really fun to draw.

Monsta Crash #10: FightinWords
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Easter Eggs: Crash 10 in the countdown. Originally simply named Edwards, Gari's got Radical Edward's cheek things.

Fun Facts: This series is JE-centric, so Gari's named for the great JE Master, and her sprite is based on the Australian Emu. I couldn't find Gari's design sheet, so I improv'd new designs hours before deadline!

Even though Gari is the villain, the people referenced are both wonderful.

Example 1: I went to New York last Saturday to see a play for a class and all I learned was never to go to New York for a play unless it's with the Master.

Example 2: The second reference helped me clean up my spilled cup Freshmen Year and wouldn't let me flee after the formalities.

Anyways, the imbecilic jack kelly first brings us "derogatorial."

Originally called "rinasfs," jack kelly forgot that "derogatorial" isn't a word, so I generously corrected it for him here but the world will always remember his printed typo.

In any case, he concludes with "oink."


Final thought: I noticed I frequently draw people pointing dramatically.


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