Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Boy oh boy, I'm back at Yale and I've fallen in love with the place all over again. This summer session's like another Freshman Year again. I even have a double, but since my roommate literally popped in, saw the room, and left, I've had this gigantic Saybrook double to myself all week. The suite's huge, too, and Saybrook's way more beautiful than I'd ever realized. Imagine living here for real! The suite's pretty empty, but it would really rock with even just a TV and couch. Last year's JE suite and "room" were disgustingly tiny, but I can actually run around in SY B32.

I never got why anyone'd want to live in BR/SY, but it's crystal clear now, and my experience here is slapping the ol' JE spirit like...well, you know. I also never understood the appeal of eating at a college when Commons is so much more reliable, but since SY is currently the only game in town, and I live right across from the dining hall, I love it. They even have chocolate milk! It's going to suck going back to JE; Saybrook is basically JE minus the discomfort.

The cool thing about living here for the summer is that you get Yale minus (most of) the "awkwardness." Like, it's uncomfortable eating in JE alone, but that's because I've blown three years of getting to know anyone. At least in Saybrook, I can sit down without feeling self-conscious or guilty for being surrounded by strangers. So it really feels like I'm on vacation from "regular" JE-Yale, which is itself of course a welcomed vacation from my painfully boring non-Yale life. And get this: there's always a table open at the dining hall. Imagine that, JE.

<-- This is a study.

I only have one class (Writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy), it meets twice a week, and I can finally breathe during a school term with free time daily. The downside is that there aren't any publications to draw for, so I've got to stick to my own projects, which is hard without any real deadlines strangling me.

In class we discussed my story and people actually found it funny! How cool is that? I get severely uneasy when people experience my work "live" in front of me, and today we even had to write short stories on the spot in 30 minutes and then read them aloud. I was really nervous but that story got a solid laugh, too, which was a huge relief. I really don't think of myself as funny, but man it feels good to be an entertainer.


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