Friday, June 5, 2009


Here are some development sketches from Pangolin Falls, beginning with Lynn. She's named Lynn to sound good with the last name "Zee," a reference to my project partner, whose name also stars with a Z, plus "Lynn" exists phonetically within "Pangolin," of course. So this sketch was to help figure out her mood, and as a writer, she sips coffee and muses.

I believe I was at a Purple Crayon show when I drew this redesign, which ended up being the model I would use.

Sweats and general comfort clothes were the ticket we were looking for, and I even modeled Lynn's sweats after those my partner was wearing as we were hauling away to the deadline. That was an insane marathon job, I felt stupidly thrilled (and exhausted) when I finished.

The other aspect was unbalanced hair: in our original story designs, she was considerably more foolishly oblivious, but as we began cutting stuff for space, it came across less so in the final comic, but the hairstyle remained.

Next is our Kappa hero, inspired by a dvd box I saw in Japan for this movie.

Although we played around with a couple of sounds he could make, we settled nearly immediately from the start with "Mrwak," which was both fun to say and write wherever possible.

Fun Facts: Kappa, which are my favorite Japanese mythical creature, can be quite dangerous, but if you bow they are so polite that they must return the courtesy, thus spilling the water they store atop their heads, betraying their severe weakness in lacking water, perhaps even resulting in death!

Pango looks like this from behind. Pretty hot, I know.

The shell was fun to draw for some reason, but then again, kappa are always fun.

The writing class is a great excuse to think about non-reality and get all imaginative and stuff, so I might have some neat stuff coming, hopefully, maybe even some Graffiti.

I love being able to think about original stories and reflecting on existing influences and not feeling (too) guilty; it's schoolwork!


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