Monday, June 15, 2009


I went to this amusement slash water park, Lake Compounce yesterday. I wisely emptied my pockets into my backpack in anticipation of their contents getting soaked, so my Moleskines survived quite well. The reason I only wear cargo pants is because they're the best for carrying around Moleskines.

Anyway, I drew this guy while waiting for some of the group while they rode one of those freefall rides, like (NorCal's) Great America's "Drop Zone," except they call it "Down Time." I really don't like those kinds of rides, but I eventually gave it a shot and it wasn't something I want to do again (despite riding it and a similar ride twice).

My favorite ride was a wooden coaster called "Boulder Dash." It was like Great America's "Grizzly" except it weaved around a forest-y setting and seemed longer. It was pretty nice, and I even posed for the little photo thing, which got some nice laughs (V's up).

Anyway, after class today, I decided to give coloring a shot after finding my way to the Saybrook computer lab, in preparation for a piece I'm going to work on for some dudes.

Also, I don't know why I decided to draw a guy in a suit yelling, "Taxi," but it is what it is.


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