Monday, August 17, 2009


To celebrate turning in my Record art for the summer, here is the making of the Death piece I did for the Record last year.

Speaking of which, tonight was my first time driving in a long, long time; I was terrified the whole way. I'm a fictionalist and am easily struck on flights of fancy, so I kept imagining the car behind me was one of those guys who flickers his lights brighter, and then after he gets bored, he drives up beside me in perfect sync with my speed, and as I turn to look at the car, I see the barrel of a pistol a split second before my skull splatters apart., I really hate driving.

And besides, driving around my town depresses the heck out of me, it really does.

Anyway, the following posts' art have been updated, finally: zlm.Vanilla, zlm.Taboo (renamed Taboocco), mc.MonstaCrasher as well as jack kelly's comics for that week, and finally, sls.Lullaby has also been updated slightly.

Also, my deviantART has been updated, too, which exists to display my more polished artwork plainly and with as little of my stupid lip as possible.



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