Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Keep your cell camera recording while the cops beat you senseless, it's Sick Little Suicide #21, "Teeny," in which I dig through the art archives for content and post it when it's semi-relevant again.

It's like how a broken watch is right at least twice a day.

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Easter Eggs: Secret messages in the bg.

Fun Facts: This was written the weekend of the Elevate event/raidapalooza, but we went with a comic strip instead. So this piece has been sitting with me for a while as I debated whether to post it or not. But since I hate to waste art, and there's something going on at Elevate tonight, mize well.

Baa: It's kinda experimental on style and stuff, but hopefully it still works.

For best results, pretend like it's a few weeks ago.


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